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Six essential nursing skills

Nurses are essential to the health profession, providing care and comfort to patients in hospitals and in care homes. They possess a range of skills and characteristics that are vital in the making of a rounded health professional.

A high level of commitment to the role

Nurses should demonstrate that the job is more than just a daily role. Nursing requires the health professional to always put the patient first in any situation. This can mean working overtime when caring for an individual or switching to working nights at short notice.

Nurses should possess good communication skills

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Communicating is key and an essential skill that all nurses should possess. They should be open-minded and respect the patient they are caring for, taking into consideration their wishes for their care. Nurses should also give feedback without judging the patient. Good communication skills come into play when imparting information about the patient to the rest of the family.

Body language speaks volumes about the professional

Non-verbal communication is also important as nurses are constantly in public view. Body language, good eye contact with the person they are communicating with, and other non-verbal signs are important.

Nurses should be excellent listeners

The job of a nurse is not only to care but to give advice and feedback. They should listen to the patient’s concerns and do so without prejudice. They must be attentive and focus on the patient and they should never dismiss any concerns. Nurses will be in a position to clarify any concerns the patient may have.

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Nurses should possess the ability to understand the feelings of their patients and offer care accordingly. This is often achieved by ‘putting themselves in the patient’s shoes’ and demonstrating that connection clearly. It’s a popular profession and there are many routes into nursing. According to The Nursing Times Health Education England has launched a new training scheme with the aim of making the route into nursing more accessible. For any shortfalls in health care jobs Cheltenham or elsewhere, you can use Companies such as https://takefivehealthcare.co.uk/job-search/care-assistant-jobs-gloucestershire/care-assistant-jobs-cheltenham/  they will typically offer a fully vetted team of nurses who are available for single or multiple shifts.

Cultural awareness is a key skill

Nurses will encounter patients from a wide range of cultures during their years in the role. Clearly, it is essential to be sensitive to and respect these cultural differences.


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