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Regain your confidence with a new head of hair

Technology in medical treatments is constantly advancing and many conditions that were once untreatable no longer have to be lived with. Hair loss is one of those conditions.

There are any number of reasons why hair loss may occur in both men and women. Although hair loss can be a problem for both genders it is more commonly seen in men. Society is more accepting of baldness in men, but that is not to say that men find it any less distressing to suddenly find themselves losing their hair. In both cases seeking hair replacement surgery provides a permanent solution to the problem.

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Image Source: Google image

Male Pattern Baldness
Male pattern baldness tends to develop in most men at some stage in their lives. Whilst the onset is rapid in some men, causing them to go bald in five years or less it more usually takes between 15 and 25 years. The condition affects over half of men over 50 years of age. The most common areas of the head to be affected in the beginning are at the front, where the hair goes thin or begins to recede, or on top of the head where a small bald patch gradually develops. Over time, these areas of hair loss may meet causing a completely bald scalp. Many men who are suffering from thinning or lost hair choose to live with the condition, but for those who find themselves unable to cope with losing their hair, hair transplant surgery can offer a permanent solution.

Hair Loss In Women
Hair loss in women is no less distressing for them than it is for men. Women’s hair loss is often taken less seriously, however and this can lead to additional psychological or emotional problems for women when friends or family dismiss the problem. Temporary hair loss is often associated with various female specific conditions such as pregnancy or hormone fluctuations. In many cases, once the overall condition of the body changes or improves, the loss will prove itself to be temporary and hair will regrow. Sometimes there are genetic causes for hair loss, in which case it may be said to run in the family and it is quite common to see more elderly ladies who suffer from thinning hair.

Modern Solutions
For both men and women who suffer from permanent hair loss, having hair transplanted can create a new lease of life, resulting in increased self-esteem and self-confidence. The new hair is cared for in exactly the same way as existing hair, successfully withstanding everyday washing and styling techniques. Invisible and indistinguishable from naturally growing hair, the transplanted grafts blend perfectly providing a lasting and natural solution.

It is also possible to get a hair transplant for other areas, such as to replace lost eyelashes or eyebrows. In today’s world great emphasis is placed on appearance and in particular the appearance of youth. Baldness in any area where there is normally hair can cause feelings of inferiority and insecurity. For both men and women there is no longer any need to suffer embarrassment due to hair loss.



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