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Omega-3: The best foods that contain it and are not typical

Constantly we have talked about the omega-3 fatty acids and the importance they have in the correct functioning of the organism. Despite everything in this post we want to stop once more in their properties and above all we want to highlight some rare sources of omega-3 fatty acids that we rarely ever have in mind when we talk about these nutrients.

If we listen to omega-3 fatty acids right away we come to mind blue fish and seafood as the main sources. The same thing happens with olive oil. All of them are the main sources of where we are going to obtain this nutrient that our organism needs. But there are many other foods that contain high amounts of this essential fatty acid and it is important to keep in mind in the same way.

Omega-6 vs Omega-3

The omega-3 fatty acid is found in many foods, but almost always in smaller amounts than for example omega-6. This fatty acid is often accompanied by omega-3, and so many times the second goes unnoticed to the detriment of which stands out more. That is why many times we are not aware of certain foods that will give us omega-3 fatty acid. To begin with we will say that another name that receives the omega-e is linolenic acid or ALA. It is necessary to know the different nomenclatures that are given to locate it in any food.

Foods of vegetable origin that contain it like algae, legumes, lettuce, spinach, strawberries, avocado …

Let’s start by highlighting the rarer vegetable foods in which we can find this essential fatty acid. One that almost no one has in mind are algae. There is a whole food world around the algae, especially in the eastern world, where they have been consuming for centuries. Algae will give us high amounts of omega-3. Like them, we can find it in foods like legumes, among which we will highlight soy, lentils, chickpeas … All of them contain high amounts of this essential fatty acid.

Among vegetable sources of omega-3 we must also highlight other foods that we had never repaired as lettuce, spinach or purslane. All of them are green leafy vegetables that we usually use in salad and they are a very healthy source of this essential fatty acid. Also some fruits contain it in very good quantities such as avocado or strawberries, which we must include in the diet as a very healthy source of omega-3.

Other animal sources of omega-3s such as carp, herring, pollock …

Among the sources of animal origin we should not only stop at salmon or tuna. Other animal foods such as anchovies, crabs, carp, herring, pollock … They are important sources of omega-3 fatty acid. This opens up a lot of possibilities for us to feed and care for our health. Having a broad knowledge will help us to achieve a more balanced diet that will tire us much less and give us more options.


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