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No: That fat-burning tea does not make up for eating a whole buffet

With the fat burning products, the food industry has given us a very big goal to consumers. If we stop to think, it is absurd to believe that a “fat-burning” tea can significantly help you lose weight. But the publicity surrounding this type of product is so strong that we believe it.

How much can a fat-burning tea help you lose weight? If we do not take care of food or exercise, the fat that is supposed to burn that tea is so tiny that it would not be taken into account. And if we take care of food and play sports, this type of product does not make any sense. Probably doing 5 squats in a row burn more fat than drinking tea.

Why are these types of fat burning products sold?

First and foremost, because food legislation allows them to be sold , although the effect they promise is minimal. If the product is safe and complies with the regulations, it is like one more infusion. And due to some of its stimulating or thermogenic components they give it the name of “fat-burning”.

A tea, whatever its components, will not cause us to lose weight.

Even so, if this type of products has a minimal and imperceptible effect on our weight, why are they so successful? Easy, because on the subject of losing weight, everything that promises to do without moving and without effort will triumph. Humans are like that, we want to get things without effort .

If they tell me that taking a tea burns fat, however little, as it is an act that does not require effort, it is more, I may even like it, we tend to magnify its effect and think that it will compensate for other food excesses that we do.

Not even ten liters of fat burning tea will make up for eating a whole buffet

As the title says: “No, that fat-burning tea is not going to make up for eating a whole buffet.” Take a cup of tea, whatever the components of that tea, will not make if we spend a meal to compensate .

It would be a bit naive to think that in a meal where we exceed, for example, taking 70 grams of fat (630 kcal), a simple tea would be able to burn even 10% of those calories (63 kcal). A tea, by itself, does not put the machinery of burning fats to work

Tea can be used as a nutritional strategy, but nothing more

A while ago we saw how green tea can help you lose weight, but it’s not miraculous. Let’s say that tea can be used as a nutritional strategy to lose weight, but along with many other measures.

If instead of taking a smoothie or a soft drink I replace it with a tea, it is obviously a good measure and it will help me with weight control, but not because the tea burns a lot of fat, but because when drinking that tea I am leaving take other more caloric drinks.

Tea can be used as a nutritional strategy to lose weight, but it does not work miracles.

And, as we said before, be careful to think that drinking tea compensates other excesses. You can think that since tea is good and it helps to lose weight, then I accompany it with sweets or processed foods that will surpass the possible effects that tea can give me.

Do not put all our hopes and efforts to lose weight in a single food or product, we must take care of food and exercise daily , only then we will see significant and lasting changes, no more science.


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