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Nine tips to take care of the nutritional quality of fried foods

Although we all know that frying is not the healthiest way to cook food, many enjoy this method of cooking once a week. In these cases, we recommend the following nine tips to care for the nutritional quality of fried food.

Nine tips to take care of the nutritional quality of fried foodsLess Trans Fats and Toxic Substances

For frying does not generate toxic trans fats or aldehyde themselves of the transformations that can suffer oils, we can implement the following tips:

  • Avoid exceeding 180° to heat the oil, because after this temperature are more likely changes in the fatty acids that can give rise to toxic substances and trans fats.
  • Make short cooking times, for a longer period of heating oil higher are the chances that they suffer adverse changes in nutritional terms. To do this, it is advisable to start frying when the oil has reached the proper temperature.
  • Preferably choose olive oil, which best supports temperatures and even resists the formation of trans fat up to a second heating.
  • Avoid mixing fats, because although olive oil can be very stable, its structure is weakened in the presence of other lipids not as resistant to high temperatures and thus disservice quality frying.
  • Avoid overheating the oil, since longer exposure to heat it is likely that the structure of the oils weaken and therefore a greater number of warm – ups are more frequent formation of toxic substances as well as trans fats.

With these tips in mind we can prevent the formation of trans fats and frying toxic substances, and therefore achieve a better nutritional quality fry and that does not harm health.

More healthy nutrients and lower intake of calories and fat

During frying, certain fat soluble and / or poorly heat stable nutrients are often lost. In addition, foods absorb fats and therefore, the result is a preparation with more calories. However, we can achieve fried foods with healthier nutrients and lower intake of calories and fat if we implement the following tips:

  • Introduce foods and start frying when the oil has the proper temperature, because if you put food with oil still cold, fat absorption will be higher and the loss of nutrients also because cooking will take longer.
  • Cooking food in large pieces and whether it is vegetables with skin. As this can delay the cooking, it is advisable to pre-bleach the foods and then fry them to be cooked, but do not absorb as much fat or lose many nutrients.
  • Place on absorbent paper and fried food to excess fat or oil extract remaining in the fryer and not in the preparation that culminates absorbing.
  • Deep frying, in order that food be immersed in it and thus do not absorb too much fat.

Achieve these tips fritters better nutritional quality that allow us to consume these preparations without hindering healthy eating, provided they do not abuse them.


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