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Nine recipes with turkey to take advantage of this healthy meat in your diet

If we look for the best meat in terms of nutritional quality, we must know that turkey, and especially turkey breast, is one of the best alternatives that we can include in our diet if we want to add proteins with few fats and important minerals such as potassium.

Therefore, today we leave nine recipes with turkey to take advantage of this healthy meat in your diet that will satisfy you easily for its protein richness. For this quality, the turkey is an ideal meat when we seek to lose weight, as well as, if our goal is to eat healthier or hypertrophy by adding quality amino acids.

Nine recipes with turkey that you can add to your diet

If so far you only used turkey at Christmas or chose turkey breast for the odd sandwich, you should know that you have many more options to add this healthy meat to your diet, then we show several of them:

  • Turkey and mushroom dumplings: accompanied by mashed potatoes or rice, are the ideal recipe for a complete and nutritious meal , they can even be a good dish to replenish quality energy after intense training.
  • Turkey with tomato stew in baked cocotte : an original and very nutritious recipe that supports a variety of side dishes, from a couscous or quinoa to grilled vegetables or a potato salad.
  • Honey turkey tacos with almonds : it is a good alternative to obtain quality proteins derived from turkey, as well as healthy fats from almonds and hydrates derived from rice, which includes the recipe as a garnish. The best: it is a dish full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that our body needs.
  • Round turkey and apple in a pressure cooker : it is a very light and nutritious dish , ideal for a dinner if we accompany it with a fresh salad or for a meal if we combine it with a source of hydrates. But also, it is an easy and satisfying recipe that we can use to cook turkey and use it in a thousand different ways.
  • Turkey breast rolls with vegetable sauce : to take tupper, accompanied by a fresh salad, these rolls are a very good option, they can even serve to show off with your guests, without major complications.
  • Turkey sirloin in orange sauce and mustard : if you love the dishes with a sweet touch, this is a great recipe that you should try, because it also offers vitamin C, potassium, iron, lean proteins and vitamins of the B complex that will improve the nutritional quality of your diet.
  • Turkey chili with sweet potato and potato : to say goodbye to the spoon dishes, you can make this healthy option based on turkey and nutritious vegetables that is also light and satiating .
  • Turkey soup with barley and carrot : for a dinner after training or, as a light meal if you take a hearty ration, you can enjoy this original soup based on turkey and barley that surely you will try once and you will want to repeat it immediately.
  • Turkey skewers and yoghurt tomatoes : if you’re not a kitchen lover, this is a recipe that you’re sure not to fail, and it serves both for dinner and for a meal, depending on the garnish and the ration you take. In addition, it is very easy and fast.

You know, if you want to add turkey meat to your diet, these nine recipes can be a good way to begin to achieve it.

And you, how do you consume turkey?


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