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Major cardiovascular diseases

Cardiovascular diseases are disorders or abnormalities in the heart and blood vessels. The main factors that can lead us to develop a problem with this point are as simple as easy to solve.

First is the smoking, aforesaid argument that smoking cessation is precisely that causes us some cardiovascular disease. Also lack of physical activity is inexcusable to have a healthy body, apart from the outside feel better, so do inside and avoid another bad we negatively influences our heart overweight.

Last but not least, we must endeavor to maintain a balanced diet and healthy, it may seem a world, but vegetables can also be tasty.

Major cardiovascular diseases10 Cardiovascular Diseases

Now, let’s see some cardiovascular diseases, what causes them and what consequences it can bring. But we did not hypochondria; you just have to care a little.

  1. Acute myocardial infarction: Commonly known as heart attack, they are caused by a clot that blocks one of the coronary arteries, which carry blood and oxygen to the heart.
  2. Cardiovascular diseases: Are those in blood vessels supplying the brain are affected so that blood flow decreases or even of stops, which leads to thrombosis or cerebral hemorrhage.
  3. Coronary heart disease: The process by which plaque builds up in the arteries that carries blood to the heart, causing it to narrow. As a result we can suffer angina or myocardial infarction.
  4. Peripheral arterial disease: occurs when arteries in the legs and feet narrow and harden, which could lead to limb amputation.
  5. Angina: It is pain or discomfort in the chest that occurs when enough blood to the heart muscle fails. Angina is a symptom turn of disease, coronary heart disease above.
  6. Congenital heart disease: It is a problem present at birth, that is, that the person has always had . It must be treated since it is located because adulthood can lead to other cardiovascular problems.
  7. Hypertension: It is a disease in which blood pressure is consistently above the normal range. Throughout the day it is normal to experience changes in our blood pressure, but always within figures below 140 and 90. It is usually not known the real reason why a person suffers from hypertension, but sometimes it has to do with the emergence of other diseases.
  8. Aneurysm: Is named the abnormal widening of an area of an artery, probably due to the weakness in the blood vessel wall. As in the case of neither hypertension, nor the exact causes that make someone suffering from this problem are known.
  9. DVT: Blood clots are found in a deep vein of the body, usually in the leg. Detachment of any of these clots could lead to pulmonary embolism.
  10. Rheumatic heart disease: Is the possible consequence that may suffer after passing rheumatic fever, in which the heart valves are damaged irreversibly. It is usually known as streptococcus bacteria responsible for this disease.

So you know to avoid these cardiovascular diseases you have to take care of yourself and at the slightest symptom go to your doctor.



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