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Learn to solve the rebound effect: How to avoid it?

We saw how it could affect a diet too restrictive to this regulatory mechanism, so that unconsciously we could undo all our prospects of losing weight, ending directly in the rebound effect. In this last entry we tell you how to avoid it.

The first study on the rebound effect

Studies confirm that with each continuous calorie restriction, the consequent rebound effect is greater

Although surprising, the first experiments of what we know today as a rebound effect have been done for many decades. Concretely in the second world war Ancel Keys witnessed the first results that confirmed the hypothesis of this regulatory mechanism of the hypothalamus.

He subjected a group of subjects to a restriction diet of 1600 kcal daily for 24 weeks. Weight loss during this time was more than significant but on regaining the original diet the subjects were protagonists of the first rebound effect of history : they not only regained their initial weight, but gained even more.

Some time later and without any diet, they regained their initial weight, that is, they returned to their set point.

It is easy to understand that before a sufficient caloric restriction (going into deficit), the subjects lost weight the first months. But why did they come to the rebound effect later?

Very simple, the hypothalamus as a response to restriction, slows metabolism to not consume too much energy and when the original diet is recovered, with a still low metabolism, the body will accumulate more fat than before.

What has changed the regulation mechanism?

Before figuring out how to adjust the regulation mechanism to avoid the rebound effect, it is fundamental to know the origin of the problem and this happens mainly by the type of feed that we carry.

Has anyone ever noticed the official Nutrition Pyramid ? Personally, I think “you could do some punctuation …”
If you look at our ancestors millions of years ago, they ate to their fullest (of course), basing their diet on concepts similar to the Paleodieta (a somewhat similar alternative Of today), and yet they could boast of an advanced system of regulation where problems such as the leptic resistance could not exist and that, according to conclude studies, it is a more effective and satiating alternative.

The food changes of the society have put an end to the old and advanced regulation system

All this mismatch in the non-genetic part of the hypothalamus has caused us in our evolution, exposing us to the consumption of a new diet that has given way to products with an overexciting power to the stimuli of the hypothalamus: sugars, salt, preservatives, flavor enhancers, fried …

Current studies have shown that this type of food has been responsible for contributing to hypothalamic inflations, which end with adipostatic regulation, and an increase in insulin resistance.

Tips for correct adjustment

To achieve weight loss without ending a rebound effect, what we must do is precisely adjust the regulating mechanism of the adipostat, reducing its set point. How do we get it?

  • Choose foods: it reduces triglycerides, which induce the resistance of leptin and do not excessively limit fats so as not to slow metabolism. Choose to incorporate more protein and fiber into satiating foods with quality macronutrients.
  • Reduce your number of meals: studies show that our metabolism is not going to be slowed by being only a few hours without eating, so you can forget to make indefinite meals a day. That yes, it tries to reduce the excessive variety of foods to not create as many signals different to the hypothalamus (at least in the beginning), will help to adjust more easily the regulation range.
  • ** Introduce some cheat food **: as we commented long ago, making a refeed is going to be perfect to accelerate the metabolism, increase the concentration of leptin and give us a respite on a psychological level, how not … will become of us wonder!


Counting calories and controlling the nutrients we eat is a perfect choice to know our needs and take care of ourselves, but if we need a significant weight loss, more or less continuous over time, focusing solely on calorie counting is very possible Which ends in failure or rebound effect. Learning to know the internal mechanisms that regulate our body is always a good start to doing things right.


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