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Interesting facts about the sewers that help keep us healthy

Sewage systems are vast and hidden beneath the surface. They are what helps remove all the wastewater and waste products from our homes and prevents illnesses that once ravaged the streets from reappearing. It is why Drainage Cleaning from companies such as Wilkinson are so important if you notice issues with the way your sinks and toilets are draining. There are many interesting facts about this system of pipes that you probably weren’t even aware of.

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Under our feet lies a myriad of pipes that we rely on for communication and for public health. However the pipes that we have still need to have a degree of care. They compete with gas pipes, water pipes coming into the home and the laying of fibre optic cable for the internet, which also uses the sewer pipe.

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You should not flush wet wipes, as you have probably read in media reports and from water firms. In sewage, they are not harmed and still hang on to fats, oils and fats that have solidified in the gutter, increasing the current blockages. They create lots of damage as they collect these other items in the sewers. The same goes for sanitary products and nappies.

Sewers are very beautiful, maybe not in smell but at least in architectural terms. In Victorian times, most of our sewer systems were built and they were made from bricks that were put in place by hand. This means they have an architectural beauty about them that you don’t often see with modern sewage systems that are built today.


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