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How To Treat Lumbar Pain

Today in our health blog we will talk about back pain or kidney pain and what we can do to treat this pain lumbar.

The lower back area or lumbar -zona of the kidneys – has as its main function to serve as a structural support and give movement and protection to certain tissues of the body; Pain in this area can be related to the lumbar spine, intervertebral discs, lower back muscles, ligaments, spinal cord, nerves and internal organs of the pelvis and abdomen among others.

How To Treat Lumbar PainCauses that can cause low back pain

Before talking about the  treatment of pain lumbar, we will see its causes. There are causes such as kidney problems, pregnancy problems and ovarian tumors, which can cause kidney pain or lower back.

Renal problems

Kidney infections, stones, and traumatic kidney hemorrhages are often associated with low back pain.


The pregnancy often leads to suffer from back pain by mechanical stress of the lumbar spine, changing the normal lumbar curvature and positioning of the baby inside the abdomen.

Others such as cysts or tumors

Ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids, endometriosis and primary bone tumors cause back pain.

Symptoms of low back pain

Lower back pain can cause a wide variety of symptoms, such as numbness, tingling and weakness in the lower extremities, and inability to walk without pain and increased worsening.

In more severe cases, urinary incontinence or feces, atrophy of lower limb muscles, fever, chills, weight loss, abdominal pain, burning urination, dizziness, joint pain and fatigue may occur.

Treatment of low back pain

The treatment of back pain depends largely on what is the cause precisely and individually,  which causes kidney pain.

The lumbar efforts acute injuries heal completely with a minimal treatment, but when there are bone abnormalities that irritate the spinal cord,   may require surgical repair and prognosis depends on the surgical outcome.

For best long – term results in the treatment of low back pain, often are necessary rehabilitation exercise programs.

Cobra a very important role prevention, to prevent lower back injuries because there are conditioning exercise programs, which are intended to strengthen the lower back and adjacent tissues and can minimize the risk of injuries to the lower back.


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