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How to Prevent Falls in the Elderly

Knowing how to prevent falls in the elderly can be extremely important. Falls, particularly in the elderly, are a leading cause of injury in adults. Falls are typically caused by physical problems such as weak hip, muscles or arthritis. Often, falls occur from a step or from landing poorly on stairs. Falls can also result from deteriorating motor skills or due to medication when moving from one place to another.

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Falls can be a serious problem and even fatal if not attended to immediately. This is why it is so important for carers to know how to prevent falls in the elderly. Knowing the proper techniques and precautions that can be taken can help prevent serious injury. It may take some time before a person admits that they feel weaker and more prone to falling, however, it is essential if a serious injury occurs to seek medical treatment immediately. To find out more about Homecare Gloucester services, go to a site like Take 5 Homecare

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The best way to deal with an elderly fall is to try and maintain their independence as much as possible. If possible, keep them in their own home with a carer. It is also helpful to safety proof their home and remove any potential trip hazards. Grab bars and support rails are an important addition to help with stability.


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