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How to lose weight with psychology

Psychology lose weight is to find the unconditional support so you can allow yourself to feel, mourn, cry and feel and express what has been saved for long.

In psychotherapy, you can lose weight with psychology applying a series of techniques and getting to the root of the situation; it is important to consider a number of factors that may be causing the envelope weight, which may be for a physical issue or on food that occurs due to various psychological circumstances.

There are times when you cannot speak or express what they feel and there is a feeling of breathlessness, anxiety, nervousness or vacuum that mitigates momentarily with food intake. In addition, when there is too much stress on the environment, apathy or boredom you get to overeat.

How to lose weight with psychologyThe food has a role and a very important meaning in our life, it is indeed vital to survive and be healthy, both physically and emotionally, because each food has a role in our body, but when there is an excess supply both frequency and quantity are a number of physical and psychological complications being the most visible obesity.

What is the relationship of emotions and food?

Often you come to confuse the “emotional hunger” with physical hunger because sometimes emotions are supplemented by food because food intake provides a sense of well being and wholeness.

Sometimes emotions are the inner voice psycho affective needs and want to fill an empty unconsciously seeks to replace a deficiency that exists or existed at some point in life but that has not transpired.

Also people living in constant stress or living a duel like the death of a loved one are more likely to overeat, feel a sense of dissatisfaction, cannot stop eating because they feel a great vacuum not found as fill. Supercharging is also a way to ease anxiety for some momentary situation, because food have direct effects hormonally and generate endorphins that provide welfare.

How to lose weight with psychology?

In psychotherapy to heal the emotional wounds the relationship with food is healed, with others, with oneself and with the world, slimming with psychology is advisable to speak and accept the emotions such as fear, hatred, resentment, shame, etc. . In addition, body acceptance is essential for emotional balance so regardless of weight or size you have.

In psychology will lose weight for each person on food and weight has a different meaning depending on their life history and their perception of the world. For example, in some cases being overweight is a sign of strength or protection, it has also been found that some people associated with ugliness, welfare, superiority, grandiosity, want attention or they see it as abundance.

The meaning depends largely on the mental images that generated a person throughout his life, even to fit a pattern-established role or within your family, such as membership or loyalty.

Everything will depend on the secondary gains obtained by this situation. It is very important to “make the unconscious conscious” so that the “realize” it’s time to implement actions to lose weight with psychotherapy, changing habits, behavior patterns, loyalties and personal meanings that have been embedded in the personality silently.

Psychology also lose weight is to find the unconditional support so you can allow yourself to feel, mourn, cry and feel and express what has been kept for a long time, you can vent in place and adequate and safe time. It will learn to forgive, to accept reality, frustration tolerance has to endure the pain, it will help to solve internal and external conflicts and improve relations.

An advice

Obesity is a symptom not the cause, it must attack and fix the cause not only the symptom; because if not, this is not only eradicating the problem is looking away.

It is advisable to learn to let go of situations that cannot be solved or not depending on one directly, it is very important to control situations and people. Learning to forgive others, to events and especially yourself. OK situations, reality and especially the changes that occur day after day, looking at the positive side of things.



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