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How to Have a Workplace that is Understanding of Mental Illness

At some point, everyone gets ill, and when it comes to work, there are laws that are in place to ensure that employees are supported when they are ill and have to take time off, as well as procedures that they should follow in many workplaces to ensure that their employer can support them.

When most people think about illness, we tend to think about physical illness – however, mental illness is something that can affect you enough to take time off work too.

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There are a large array of mental illnesses, and they can affect anyone at any time. It is important that employers recognise mental illness and are able to deal with it sensitively, safely and legally. Having a workplace that is well educated about mental illness can really help people who might have suffered with, or are currently suffering with mental illness.

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Training employees, talking about mental illnesses, and making the most of courses like these mental health training courses www.tidaltraining.co.uk/mental-health-courses can all be helpful ways to make the workplace somewhere that is more understanding of mental illness, as well as the importance of mental care.

Mental illness legally falls under the same category as having a disability, therefore, the employer needs to follow these regulations when it comes to having someone with a mental illness in the workplace. Making the necessary reasonable adaptations to allow them to continue to work, and also ensuring that there is no discrimination going on is also essential.


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