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How to gain muscle from now to the holidays

Although I am not a supporter of the objectives that only mark the care two months a year to get summer body look on the beach, and taking into account, in addition, that reality is neither so simple nor works so quickly, we will try to level a bit the way to be as fit as possible this holiday.

If this is the goal you have just scored and having only two months to achieve it, it is important that you know the average rate of muscle gain you can achieve and pay attention to certain fundamental aspects of your training if you want to gain muscle from now to the holidays August.

As we discussed in one of our last entries: Do not say “bikini operation”: say “fit all year” (and a little more in summer). Good results are always achieved with time and effort.

But if you have marked the purpose of getting a little more in shape from here to the August holidays, in preplaya mode, it is important that you pay attention to the three fundamental factors that will condition an effective result that allows you to reach a good rhythm of muscle gain, in a natural way, in the term that we have.
Go for it!

Pillars: Training, rest and feeding

Three basic pillars that will condition the results of your muscle gain rhythm . Of course, there are other variables that influence very significantly the amount of muscle we gain, such as metabolism and genetics, but since there are conditions that do not depend on us and that we can not modify at will, we will focus on the remaining that we can work.

  • Training : short and basic (multiarticular), but intense. Our body starts with a limited amount of energy to carry out the training so it is important that you take advantage of it in the best possible way to see results as effectively as possible.
    The selection of exercises is essential to achieve a good stimulation of muscle fibers and to achieve this it is necessary to complete an intense routine, with a perfect technique, opting for multi-joint exercises (bench press, pull-ups, squats, military press, deadlifts, rowing with bar …) and intensifying the load progressively. Do not miss the importance of training to gain muscle mass.
  • Rest : there is no gain without rest. The recovery of a strength training requires a proper rest time that allows you to recover resulting in the overcompensation necessary for the muscles to adapt to your new work of strength and get grow.
    Do not forget to take a look at some of our previous post where we tell you the recommended rest time and the optimal frequency of training.
  • Feeding : without good training you do not grow, and without a good diet either. If our goal is to gain muscle mass it is imperative that we pay maximum attention to our diet and especially our individual protein needs.

Muscle gain rate: how much muscle can I get from here to the holidays?

Based on the fact that we are going to comply with the fundamental pillars of which we have spoken, the rhythm of muscular gain will also depend on the time we have been training. Logically the monthly or annual gain of a neophyte person who starts, as in this case, will not be the same as someone who has been training for years, since in this case it will be smaller and slower.
In fact, an analysis showed that after a high intensity strength training program over a period of 35 days, muscle hypertrophy in young neophytes it reached between 3.5% -5.2% in just 20 days, with a 0.2% increase in the total muscle size. A hypertrophy more than considerable in just three weeks for a group of novices who began in strength training.

The time that we train is an important factor that will condition the speed and amount of muscle gain

In addition to this data, depending on the metabolism and individual genetics, there are people who begin to train and are able to see feasible results in two or three months (visualize, which does not mean acquiring the desired gain) and others that unfortunately require more time and effort, although if you start from scratch it is important to be aware that a well-worked body will not be appreciated until many months or even years have passed.

Although there are evidently cases of “genetically inhuman” people who claim to have reached 20kg of muscle throughout their lives, if we generalize about the rhythm of muscle gain and taking into account the time we have been training, undoubtedly, I am left with the monthly and annual gain rate exhibited by Lyle McDonald (without the use of steroids) …

  • First year : 10-12 kg (1 kg per month)
  • Second year : 4.5-5.5 kg (0.5 kg per month)
  • Third year : 2-3 kg (0.25 kg per month)
  • Fourth year and up : 1-1.5 kg (not worth calculating)


Depending always on the metabolism, the individual genetics and the time we have been training, if we fulfill the pillars of training that we have talked about we can get a clean muscle gain of up to 2kg from here to our summer vacation.

As you can see, the rhythm of muscular gain depends on different factors, some that can be worked on and others that, unfortunately, “come as standard”. But with work and some tricks everything is achieved: what could be your muscle gain from here to the August vacation?


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