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How the discharge massage helps you prevent possible injuries

On previous occasions we have already commented that it is not necessary to be injured to visit our physiotherapist : regular visits to the physio will help us not only to relax the muscles through massage or manual therapies, but also to prevent possible injuries due to overload or hypertonia.

For that purpose, it is precisely the discharge massage in athletes. All professional athletes and most popular athletes go through the physiotherapist’s room regularly to receive a discharge massage every so often: this is how it benefits you.

The massage of discharge has different functions for the athlete, but all of them are directed to the prevention of possible injuries that can appear due to muscle overload : this type of massage, integrated in the invisible training of the athlete, helps us to eliminate contractures caused by training, to improve the recovery time after training and also to eliminate muscle tension and psychological stress to which we can be subjected (especially before or after a competition).

When should we receive a discharge massage? Although doing it immediately after a workout, competition or a great effort can be tempting, the truth is that it is best to wait at least a couple of days before going through the physio. In this way, the muscles have had time to recover and the massage will not be so aggressive for them.

A popular athlete who trains three or four days a week can receive a discharge massage once a month or month and a half

And how often do we have to receive it? It depends, obviously, on our training load. For a popular athlete who trains three or four days a week, receiving a massage once a month or once every month and a half is enough. A professional athlete, with a much higher training load, will need to go through the physio much more often.

The physiotherapist is the professional in the field of health who must decide when, how and why he performs a descaraga massage or a physiotherapeutic treatment of any other type: remember that talking to him is vital to obtain a good result and take advantage of your visit.


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