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How sports can help you improve your work performance

That sport is good for health we all know, as it will help us achieve a better overall state of the body. That is why their practice is essential and must be present in our daily routine. But what we do not usually emphasize is how important it is in work performance. The sports practice will help us enormously in getting better work results and so in this post we want to stop at these points.

There are several studies on this, we will stop in the one carried out by the University of the Balearic Islands and the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. According to this study, performed to different individuals who practiced regular exercise, compared to others who did not, the result shows that improvement in the work environment is important in the case of those who play sports. So we are going to dwell on those conclusions to know that we need to stay active to improve our performance substantially.

First of all, it is necessary to keep in mind that the usual practice involves practicing at least three times a week. At this point it improves our health in general, since we activate the metabolism, we activate the blood circulation and the production of some hormones like the endorphins, that help us to keep us of better mood. All this makes our organism better able to face our work and performance.

A weapon against exhaustion

Contrary to what we think, to begin with, what we are going to combat with exercise is the physical exhaustion that we often experience at work. This is because our physical form will be much better in general, which will make us much better resist the working days and what they suppose for our organism.

Endorphins are the key to all well-being

But not only will we improve physical fatigue, but mental fatigue will be greatly reduced. As we said, endorphins are the hormones of happiness. Their liberation through sport will help us to have a better disposition and disposition against the daily inconveniences that are presented to us at work. In this way we will be much better and more positive, learning to solve better the situations that occur in the day to day. Better management of problems will help us greatly improve our work situation and our dealings with colleagues.

A perfect tool to attack stress

Continuing with what we said earlier, that feeling of well-being will help us deal with stress better. Sports practice will prevent episodes of work-related stress and anxiety. Not only for the endorphins, but also, the sport helps us to eliminate the excess of adrenaline, making us feel more calm and relaxed. It is very important to keep this in mind, because we will achieve a much calmer and more pleasant state after practicing sport and our perspective of work will vary enormously.

Better health, better work performance

Nor should we forget that sports practice will improve performance, as we will find better health, more agile both physically and mentally, which will report to the company directly on substantial improvements. In addition to this, it should be noted that this study also showed that absenteeism due to illness decreased considerably, since general health improves when doing sports. The same as the fulfillment of the schedules is much more effective as the optimization of the times.

For these reasons it is important that companies start to value the realization of plans of activities for their employees. It’s not just about getting a better physical image, but about improving overall performance that will translate into more and better business results. In addition, the risk of suffering from illness by workers will decrease greatly and with it will be a better overall condition of the company.


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