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Gas analysis, what is it?

Have you heard of the gas analysis? You know what it is ?We have full details on this medical test on our blog Health.

What is gasometry?

A gas analysis , as mentioned above, is a test through which to view the levels of oxygen, carbon dioxide and other substances in the blood. Depending on the type of road dela which the sample is removed we can find with venous blood gases, in which blood from a vein is obtained; or arterial blood gas, in which the blood of an artery, usually the radial wrist is collected.

Gas analysis, what is itThe usefulness of this test is that thanks to the information collected blood can determine whether there are changes that can compromise patient health, such as changes in renal metabolism, acidosis, hyperventilation or respiratory failure.

How it gasometry work?

Now comes the first question, is there to prepare for this test? No, it is a test that does not involve risk so it is neither necessary nor entered or accompanied. Nor it is it takes a long time to realize it, or take drugs before.

The gas analysis itself is quite similar to the known blood. The nurse or nurse will clean the area where we will draw blood, we feel your pulse and when you locate the vein or artery need pricked. It is a small boat that must be filled, so it will not last more than a few seconds.

Following the same line of the blood, extract the needle, we place a cotton and requested us that we press for 15 minutes. And just which one arrives, it leaves again.

The complications that can result from a blood gas analysis are similar to those of a blood: that we leave a bruise, a small infection or bleeding occurs, rather rare situation.

One of the most common complications is that no results are obtained due to a test error (something that usually happens because it is a rather complicated technique, although very useful).

What do you think this information on what the gases ?, You have become a test of this type on occasion ?, how was your experience?



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