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Fun Ways to Get Fit

Too many of us avoid exercising as it looks too difficult or too dull. Thankfully, you will discover many ways to get fitter whilst still having a good time.

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For example, instead of flopping on the sofa after work to catch up on your favourite show, head to the gym and watch it on a treadmill or cycle machine. You’ll burn calories while keeping up with your TV show and you’ll have more energy to spend on other activities.

There are also plenty of fitness apps available that can make tracking your workouts, logging your food and even just reminding yourself to drink water more fun. They can be downloaded quickly onto your smartphone and many are free to use. Virtual trainers are another option to receive personalised workouts and nutrition advice that you can follow on your own or with friends.

For those who want to exercise at home, consider using a mini exercise trampoline, for example. There are also lots of skipping rope workout tutorials for beginners and virtual trampoline fitness classes to join that will give you a great cardio and muscle-toning workout.

Another great option is a video game that incorporates fitness into the gameplay, such as Pump It Up. It’s a fun way to exercise with your kids and can be competitive, too. If you have a virtual reality headset, try a game like Beat Saber to get in some cardio and arm toning.

Hiking is another fun way to get outdoors and move your body. You can begin with easy strolls and work up to a hill climb, for example. You can also turn hiking into a social activity by heading out with friends.

Why not burn some calories by volunteering with a local community group?. There are plenty of opportunities to suit all abilities and ages. Enjoy a dance class in your local area to make friends and get fit. For Salsa Classes London, go to https://rvdance.co.uk/dance-classes-london/salsa-classes-london/

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Playing garden games is a fun way to have family time and exercise. Go for a hike and make it a game to see who can spot the most wildlife, or have an indoor sports day with egg and spoon races or tug of war. Playing tag or running up and down the stairs will also get you moving. If you want to spice up your exercise, you can turn it into a game of squats or crunches or add weighted hula hoops for some extra muscle toning.


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