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Five ways to train and improve your coordination, agility and balance

We often talk about how strength is the physical capacity that directly affects all others when we improve it and that losing strength means that the rest of basic physical abilities also decrease. However, agility is another of the physical capacities that we need to train and improve, because, among other things, it will be fundamental when we suffer a stumble or we have to dodge objects.

One of the elements with which we will be able to work our agility (in addition to improving the coordination and the speed of reflections), is the Hexagonal Trp or, as it is commonly known, ” agility ball “, which illustrates the image of Headboard. In addition, we must point out that having a good agility at older ages , will provide a better quality of life (and perhaps help us avoid some injury).

Trx Hexagonal

These balls with “hexagonal shape” may not be well known to the general public, but for example in the United States enjoy a wide implementation in sports such as the NFL (American football), the NBA and even in football or soccer they usually use as part of training for goalkeepers , since they allow to improve eye-hand coordination, agility and reaction speed , because these balls have an unpredictable boat due to their shape.

Agility ladder

The agility ladders , unlike the Trp balls, are an element widely used in gyms, sports teams and schools and by personal trainers for the improvement of coordination and agility . Without being an excessively expensive element to acquire, and despite being extremely simple, there is a range of exercises that we can perform with them almost infinite, and leave a lot of space for our imagination. In addition, they occupy little space in our home and we can carry them easily.

If you want to see what a good work of agility is capable of doing, do not miss the following video .

Fences, cones and pikes of training

A classic element in the training of almost all teams of football or football for the work of agility and coordination are fences, cones and pikes . Although they can occupy some storage space, their versatility and the wide range of exercises that we can perform with them, as well as the multiple combinations between the three elements, make them a very useful acquisition.

In addition to improving agility and coordination , these three elements are often used in the realization of training circuits for cardiovascular work through HIIT exercises.

In the following video we can see a training of a football team in which the three elements are combined in different circuits in which they work differently.

Strength exercises with instability component

Another way to work our agility is by adding the component of instability in certain strength exercises (and I say in certain because not all exercises admit or are recommended to perform with instability because they could cause injury).

Exercises that can support instability as an added element to work our agility (in addition to helping us also improve our balance) can be:

  • Squats and other basic strength exercises : using for example the variant of performing the squats on one leg, we add instability since we go from a bipodal support to a unipodal support . Obviously, the load with which we will work must be less, or else we could cause a serious injury to the knee.
  • Use of the TRX : taking advantage of the instability that the TRX offers us , but without generating so much danger for our body, this element adds the instability to the work of force with our own body . Personally, I recommend that you first have a good base and a good command of the classic exercises before trying to include instability as part of them.
  • Use of elastic bands : the elastic bands will add a force outside of us that will allow us to raise the level of intensity and difficulty of our workouts, while also giving us greater versatility of exercises. An example for its use could be the following: making an abdominal plate , we hold one end of the band to a fixed point and the other we pass around our waist, so that the band generates a force that “pulls us” towards a side while we make the iron.

Cross jump mats

The main purpose of these mats is to work on agility, coordination and reaction speed (in addition to having to memorize number sequences). In the Ranking page you can find a model of this type of mats, which consist of a central square numbered with the number zero and four more squares (one on each side) numbered from one to four.

The versatility provided by these mats to work these three physical capacities, makes them a good training element, in addition to being able to create really exhausting sequences (the greater the speed with which we move from one number to another, the greater the also cardiovascular work).


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