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Five creative ways to add vegetables to your diet

Fruits and vegetables can offer great benefits to our body if we include them in our usual diet in quantities of up to 10 servings per day. If, like many, you can not eat enough vegetables, here are five creative ways to add them to your diet .

Since vegetables are more difficult to eat because they do not always have the sweet and pleasant taste of fruits, today we leave some original ideas that will help you add these noble foods to your diet.

Sauces with more vegetables

In a sauce we can not only include tomato and onion, but also peppers, eggplant, zucchini, carrot, broccoli, cauliflower and many more vegetables.

Although we can make a sauté of all the vegetables that we want and with it form our sauce, we can also add vegetables in a different way, for example, adding pumpkin or carrot puree to the tomato sauce that we always make or hide in a creamy sauce cauliflower.

We can also make pesto with zucchini, watercress or broccoli to incorporate more vegetables replacing the herbs for these ingredients.

O hamburgers with vegetables

The burgers are preparations that we all crave, especially children or who are regulars to fast food, therefore, is a good choice to include in them variety of vegetables or vegetables.

We can add cheese and egg, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, shredded carrot, red cabbage, onion, broccoli and a variety of green leaves or sprouts, but it is even better to include vegetables in the same hamburger.

In my case, I make my own chicken, fish or meat burgers and inside I always include grated onion and carrot or sometimes grated zucchini . This gives the hamburger a good taste and a lot of moisture, so it is also a good trick to optimize the preparation.

But we can also make veggie burgers and cereals or legumes without meats , for example: cauliflower burgers and oatmeal curry , chickpeas and broccoli, pumpkin and oats, rice and chard or as many combinations as we can think of.

Pizzas with more color and nutrients

Turning fast food and loved by many into healthier options is easy if we add several vegetables and remove cold cuts, sausages and sauces or commercial dressings.

Thus, we can make pizza with aubergines, arugula, broccoli and zucchini , peppers and even green beans, asparagus or red cabbage.

If you want more hidden vegetables, you can include them in the dough , for example, making pizza with cauliflower or broccoli or potato-based dough.

Smoothies or juices not only fruit

Although in shakes and juices we always use fruits, it is also possible to include in the same vegetables or vegetables and better if we do it without removing the total of their pulp but putting everything in the blender well washed and without cooking.

Thus, we can make juice with spinach, kale and carrot , juice with lettuce and carrot, juice with beetroot, celery and spinach or cucumber juice with carrot and celery .

And in the same way we can make smoothies with arugula inside , with spinach , carrot , kale and celery and as many as our imagination allows.

Cakes, brownies, chocolates and more sweets with vegetables

Sweet preparations are always well received by our palate and we can also add vegetables that offer moisture, good color and flavor to the dishes as well as valuable nutrients.

So we can include zucchini, carrot, beetroot, pumpkin or other vegetables to sweet preparations , such as: a sponge cake with zucchini and orange , beet brownies , sweet potato brownies and dates , zucchini brownie , carrot chocolates , oat cake and carrot , beet buns or pumpkin pie .

These ingredients will not only add good nutrients to the sweets but also, they will contribute their natural sugar allowing us to remove added sugars from the recipe and achieve healthier and lighter dishes easily.

We already see that vegetables can not only be used in purées and salads, but beyond these preparations there are a variety of creative ways to add vegetables to the daily diet .


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