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Choose the best meat for you with the help of this complete nutritional table

The meats in general are a large group of foods that stand out as being foremost source of protein, yet within them there is great diversity. Therefore, if you want to choose the best option for you, we leave a complete nutritional table that you can easily consult.

Red meats, white, fish and within them different cuts can offer different nutrients, but so that we know a little more and we can choose what to eat with foundation, next we show a nutritional table with different meats and the average contribution of different nutrients for each 100 grams …

Veal 217.7 29 11.3 113 2,3 322 409 160
Chicken 229.5 27 13.5 87 1,3 221 404 110
Chicken breast 181 29.5 7 83 1 243 393 120
Pork 265 28 17 90 1,2 351 384 180
Turkey 191.3 28.7 8.5 77 1.1 291 69 150
Turkey breast 109.5 24 1,5 48 1 333 46 180
White fish 79.5 16.5 1,5 58 0.7 351 351 81
Fatty fish 188 twenty 12 64 0.7 389 78 220
Rabbit 131.5 20.5 5.5 57 1,3 331 41 170
Lamb 283.5 24.3 20,7 96 1.9 307 394 150

As we can see, meats share their main nutrients but we have a variety of properties depending on each of them and of course, whether we choose the lean cuts of different meats or not, as it is the case with turkey and chicken breasts that we discriminate , they are the ones that concentrate the most proteins, except in the case of white fish that, unlike fatty fish, have a lower amount of proteins and fats.

Within the fish there is also variety, so if you need to know more about different specimens, you can consult the nutritional table that we have prepared specifically for them.

On the other hand, we must not forget that fatty fish although they concentrate more fat than many other meats, offer quality fats for the body. Regarding iron, red meats always concentrate greater proportions while phosphorus, a nutrient that should be taken care of by those suffering from kidney problems, predominates in fatty fish above all.

Whatever your goal or need, you can choose the best meat for you by consulting this complete nutritional table, but always remember that here we talk about averages and that the recommended, regardless of the meat you choose, is to consume the leanest cuts of the same .


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