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Can we drink milk if we are lactose intolerant?

The lactose intolerance, produced in the body of those who in the absence of an enzyme known as lactose have difficulty digesting the aforementioned lactose or natural sugar found in milk, is a condition suffered 1 in 3 people in the society, does that mean we have to move away the milk from our daily diet? In our blog we told you about the first lactose – free milk enriched with vitamin B6.

Can we drink milk if we are lactose intolerantOn lactose intolerance

Fatigue, heaviness, malaise, abdominal distension, nausea or diarrhea are some of the most common symptoms associated with the above – mentioned lactose intolerance. Although official data tell us about the actual existence of 34% of citizens affected by such intolerance, the fact is that only 10% of these cases are diagnosed.

Tests that in the medical field takes practice to detect lactose intolerance range from calls breath test for lactose-hydrogen analysis ph present in the stool or tolerance tests to the natural sugar in milk.

Among the dairy products that can be easier to digest include soy milk, fermented foods such as yogurt, ice cream, or even goat milk products. However, as I mentioned in previous lines, the fact of being lactose intolerant wants not mean we should sacrifice the consumption of milk in our diet, because it contains nutrients that are necessary for our diet as they are vitamin D, calcium , the protein or riboflavin.

We must not confuse bigotry with allergy to the protein in cow’s milk, because in the latter case it is necessary to eliminate this type of food from the diet because your body could be the victim of an allergic reaction particularly serious in the digestive tract, respiratory tract or even skin. However, if we talk about intolerance, simply choose lactose – free products.

Benefits of lactose-free milk with vitamin B6

An alternative for our organization in order to continue investing in this healthy drink is look at products like those that bring us, through the first milk without lactose enriched in vitamin B6 that we can find in the market.

In addition to maintaining the pleasant and appealing flavor that characterizes these products, it is certain that added in their milk without lactose enzyme known as lactose of which we spoke at the beginning, in charge of splitting the lactose and convert it into sugars simpler, making our bodies can digest it more easily.

Indeed, being enriched in vitamin B6, milk lactose is useful to combat the symptoms associated with tiredness or fatigue, giving the feeling of increased energy and strength to face each of our daily responsibilities.

Pyridoxine or vitamin B6 is an essential nutrient that besides helping to combat fatigue will be ideal for premenstrual syndrome and complications associated with menstruation morning sickness or pregnancy – related.

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