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Can proteins increase muscle mass in the absence of exercise?

Proteins are the structural component of our muscles and other body tissues, hence the importance of this nutrient when hipertrofiar, however, in the absence of exercise, can increase muscle protein?

To respond to the question of the owner, we analyze some studies about it , because although we know that with proper training protein intake contributes to muscle anabolism, in the absence of physical work may not have the same effect.

Proteins and Muscle Mass

Wear and tear of muscle fibers during training intensive is one of the main stimuli for muscle anabolism, however, food intake may also regulate muscle protein synthesis, but its effect is limited and if there are no structures to repair, protein intake little could stimulate hypertrophy concludes a study.

However, an investigation has been an increase of up to 50% in muscle protein synthesis after single intake of one serving of meat and considers that consumption of up to 30 grams of protein in one meal is enough to stimulate anabolism muscular, because in larger quantities proteins do not produce a greater stimulus.

Protein intake can prevent and / or reverse the loss of muscle mass in the absence of exercise, so it could encourage the synthesis of muscle proteins.

In addition, it has been observed that protein intake with carbohydrates can reduce the loss of muscle mass in people with prolonged inactivity, so that diet alone could maintain muscle levels even in the absence of exercise.

Also, it was found that increasing the availability of essential amino acids, in older adults, manages to reverse the loss of muscle mass to stimulate anabolism.

However, it is essential that daily calories are sufficient, otherwise, protein intake has no effect on the synthesis of new muscle proteins.


Most of the studies conclude that protein intake alone can be a stimulus for muscle anabolism , and thus reverse the loss of lean mass to inactivity.

Protein intake represents a stimulus for the synthesis of muscle proteins, but to achieve true hypertrophy, it is essential to perform an adequate training that generates a breakdown of muscle fibers.

However, it is clear that we can not achieve considerable hypertrophy without proper training , as the determinant of a great muscle growth before the latter is overcompensation generated.

That is, proteins must be present for anabolism, but this will be enough to see grow our muscles if protein intake is accompanied among other things suitable intense training.


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