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All you have to carry in your emergency kit when you go to the mountain

Summer is a favorite for many for times go mountain : routes trail running , excursions hiking or outputs several days with camping included, they allow us to get in shape while enjoy nature during our free time.

Surely before going to the mountain you have thought if you have all the necessary equipment : the right shoes (with the soles stamped or with studs for a better grip on the ground, be careful with the traditional running shoes!), The breathable clothes, the windbreaker, the cap … But, do you carry an emergency kit to deal with possible injuries that may occur on the mountain? We tell you what should be in your kit so you do not miss anything.

First considerations to assemble the perfect medicine cabinet

First of all we must take into account two important things: the first thing is to consider what kind of activity we are going to carry out and where it is going to take place , as this will influence the items we have to carry in the first aid kit. Will it be a one-day outing? Have we looked at the weather forecast? Is it going to be a long route or just a walk? Is the land friendly and suitable for all audiences or are we going to explore areas that are a little steeper?

To take into account: what the activity will be like and how is the group that will carry it out

On the other hand, we must also take into account how the group of people who will carry out the activity is made up : how many of us are there, what is the medical history of each of us (especially to know if there are allergies to medicines, or medicines that we need to take yes or yes -if any of us is diabetic, perhaps-), what is our training (is there a health worker in the group or do we have some kind of health training?) …

With these preliminary considerations we can already get an idea of ​​what we need to carry in our medicine cabinet. Remember that it is always a good idea that before an outing to the mountain, especially if it is going to be a long exit or a dangerous or special route, a doctor advises us.

The basics you should bring in your mountain kit

As each case is different and we have seen that the needs we have depend on the group and the environment, we will focus on the basic needs of a mountain kit : what you should always carry with you and that can get you out of more than one hurry.

Remember that it is interesting that the kit you take to the mountain is compact and does not weigh too much , that it is put in a waterproof bag and that everyone in the group knows before leaving where it is and what is in it.

  • Material to perform emergency cures: in the event of an unexpected wound that we may suffer in the mountain it is interesting that in our kit we carry sterile gauze, adhesive tape, wipes with alcohol, a disinfectant type Betadine or similar and physiological serum, a pair of gloves , an ice pack, a pair of tweezers and a needle. With this material, which does not occupy or weigh much, we can deal with wounds, blisters, chafing, splinters that stick, etc. which are the most common evils in the mountains.We can expand our emergency cures kit with other useful items such as adhesive stitches or moldable splints.
  • Some emergency medicines: the most used in these cases are those medicines that can help us in case of diarrhea (loperamide) or in case of nausea or vomiting (metoclopramide). We can also take with us paracetamol that we will use in the case of pain or fever. We already know the importance of hydration, more than ever in summer and especially if we do outdoor activities, so some water purification tablets are always important in our medicine cabinet.
  • To protect our skin: insect repellent to protect us from mountain bites and antihistamine ointment (in case of sting) are also interesting items to include in our emergency kit. We can not forget the sun protection with a high factor that we must apply in the parts of our body that are exposed to the sun.

Finally, a thermal blanket , which does not weigh much (about 50 grams) can be very useful in case we are isolated and have to spend the night or to protect someone injured. A rechargeable battery for the phone , although not strictly within what we have to carry in the kit, is also an important element in certain circumstances.

In case there is an accident in the mountain, something that can happen even if we take all the necessary precautions, never hesitate to call the emergency services: they will tell you how to act, they will tell you where to go and they will evaluate the possibility of a rescue in case it is necessary.


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