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A Yoga routine that you can do in the morning in less than 15 minutes

Starting the day with a little exercise is one of the healthy purposes that many of us set ourselves at the beginning of the year: getting up a little before bed and starting the day awakening each one of our muscles is a good idea that can become a great habit (although at first we get a bit lazy).

Yoga is one of the best options if you are looking to gradually awaken your body and start the day with energy: we leave you this little routine of less than 15 minutes that you can do without the need of any material.

Xuan-Lan is one of the most recognized Yoga professionals: many of you will know her for having given classes to the guys from Operación Triunfo this edition, and we already interviewed her a couple of years ago , when she talked about the dynamic Yoga and the benefits that this has for our health.

If you are one of those who sleep “made a ball” (we already talked about the best and worst sleeping positions ) and you wake up the next day with back or neck pain, perform a small session of Yoga The morning can help you to eliminate that annoying stiffness and start the day more optimistically and with much more energy.

The mobilization of the articulations and the progressive start-up of our locomotor system is a good option to start the morning. If you want, you can alternate this routine with a few repetitions of the Yoga Sun Salutation : a sequence of postures ( here we explain how to carry them out ) that alternate the flexions and the extensions of our spine to wake up our body.

Dedicating 15 minutes of our morning to practice a little physical activity is an investment in health , do not be too lazy to do it!


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