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A trick to do chin-ups anywhere: you only need two towels and one door

If you are of those who train yourself at home and not disposition bar dominated, or when you go out travel want to keep training back anywhere, such as hotel room, we bring you one little trick that allows you to make different kinds of dominated anywhere.

All we need is a door (make sure it’s a door that closes well, that the sheet fits snugly in the frame) and a couple of thin towels or rags : the microfiber towels that are not very thick but are quite resistant They are ideal for this, and if you are away from home they can be carried in the suitcase without taking up space.

As easy as making a knot in one of the tips of each towel, place the two towels at the distance we want (further away from each other to get a wider grip or closer to each other for a narrower grip), close the door making sure they are securely fastened (check it well to avoid accidents, but theoretically the knot should prevent them from moving), grab each towel with one hand and up with it!

It is the ideal? Obviously not: the ideal is to have a pull-up bar where we can do it safely. But it can serve as a patch at a specific moment.

Another “fix” we can do is directly hang from the door frame with our hands and pull up to go up, thus doing a dominated. Beware of this because we can unbolt the door and end up on the ground: we must first make sure of the state of the same and that it is well anchored.

We leave you with a couple of solutions for those days when the body asks you to dominate and you do not have any bars nearby, hard with them!


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