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4 ways to eat that lead to weight gain: What you follow?

The weight gain is one of the major concerns we have these days after Christmas. Diet and exercise are in full swing and we want to invite you to reflect on the way we normally eat. Regardless of the excesses of Christmas, we must consider how they usually eat.

ways to eat that lead to weight gain

In this way, we are going to present four lifestyles carried out by different people to see which corresponds yours.

Integral Life

Weight gain often is linked to not eat unrefined grains. The integral power is important and should be based on cereals without industrial operations such as rice, oatmeal or whole wheat pasta. Take salad every day also helps improve online as well as fruit for snacking.

As for meat, you should eat lean meats. They can be accompanied by potatoes as a side dish and the food is more used to this kind of accompaniment to meat.

Life and Fast diet

Another cause of weight gain in daily life is fast food and busy life. This lifestyle is typical of the bars for a drink and fast food. It is not missing a beat: drinking coffee and fizzy drinks.

When you are at home, they are often used cans and ready meals. This lifestyle is one of the most typical today and is the most harmful to health and weight gain. This type of diet also influences the increase in headaches and colds.

Diet based on raw

It is a type of eating raw vegetables based diet without dairy or meat just eats; It is a pure and simple vegetarian diet. For breakfast, natural vegetable juices to continue eating salads, nuts and fruits. Vegetarian soups or stews or rice and vegetables are also included. This type of diet is widely used to prevent breast cancer in women. It is also the perfect diet to lose weight and gain energy but over time the body’s muscle tone decreases.

Protein diet

Food typical of people who eat meat and potatoes; eggs, dairy products, pasta, rice and any derivatives of starches include bread. Everything is protein causing weight gain year after year and become fat if not practiced exercise.

What is the problem of each type of food?

These four types of power individually have their peculiarities regarding blood sugar.

The whole grain-based diet provides plenty of carbohydrates to the body, more than your own body could endure. These elevated levels of sugar in the body terminates stored as fat.

The daily routine intake of soft drinks and fast foods aggravate the problem further. The carbohydrates cause increased glucose faster.

The raw power generates amounts of protein in the form of carbohydrates that over the years generated a deficit of the same.

The strict protein diet can lead to the development of type 2 diabetes and even hypertension.

How to improve our food?

In the Western world we have always sought the magical power table regardless of the influences that can generate one kind or another in our blood sugar levels.

The human body runs on glucose and fat and loses weight need to burn one, but only one, through exercise. Our diet should be based on proteins and carbohydrates and you can add some fat to make it a satisfying meal, but never both at once.

Fat makes us feel satisfied after eating so you do not need to add carbohydrates, also an energy food to give us strength after burning glucose to burning fat and spend later.

Never mind the overall style of your diet, you can return to retrieve the line taking into account the intake of protein and carbohydrates we take in food.


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