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20 exercises to work your entire abdomen without any equipment

Are you on vacation away from the gym? There are no excuses for not working your body and keeping it fit, so today we leave 20 exercises to work every muscle in your abdomen, without any equipment, so that you can train at home, on the beach, or wherever you may be.

Here are the different exercises depending on the muscles you are applying for …

Upper portion of the upper rectum of the abdomen

The central and superficial muscle of our abdomen is the larger rectum that is requested in a large number of exercises, but if you specifically want to work the upper part of it, we propose to perform the following exercises:

  • Crunches or trunk elevations are the classic abdominal exercise for which we only need our body lying face up and hands behind the head, without pulling it, to raise the trunk by contracting the abdomen. For greater intensity we can cross our hands in front of the chest and you will see how difficult the execution of this exercise.
  • Sit-ups : they are more complex and intense than the previous ones because we must sit down completely by the contraction of the abdomen and not only raise the trunk. We can help by extending our arms forward or holding our feet to the ground so that they do not rise when we get up.
  • V-shaped abs or V-ups : even more complex than the previous ones because they require great force in the abdominal area to be able to form a V with our body while simultaneously raising legs and trunk as you can see.
  • Extensions of legs in soil : we should just lie on our back, slightly raise the trunk resting the same on the forearms and from there, shrink and extend our legs trying to contract the abdomen at all times as we show.

Lower portion of the rectus abdominis

If you are trying to tone up one of the more complex parts of your middle zone: the subumbilical portion of the greater rectum of the abdomen, often referred to as the lower abdomen , we suggest you perform the following exercises:

  • Inverted Crunches : With this exercise we can work lying face up the lower portion of the rectus abdominis, we should only bring the legs to the trunk and not the trunk to the legs as in the classic abdominal crunch.
  • Alternate leg crossing : As shown, this exercise consists of crossing the slightly elevated feet of the floor while lying on our backs, with our hands under our backs to care for our lumbars.
  • Elevations of legs extended in soil : we should only lie on our back and place both hands below the buttocks to ensure that the lower back is not arched. And from there raise your legs until they are perpendicular to the ground. You can see his correct execution technique.
  • Flutter kicks or fluttering of legs : similar to the alternate crossing of legs but alternately raising the feet, we can work the lower portion of the rectus abdominis with this exercise that only requires our body to run.


To exercise and tone the obliques located on the sides of our middle zone and on the sides of the same, we can practice the following exercises without any equipment :

  • Russian twist : although the exercise is usually carried out with a load on the hands, we can execute this exercise without any object and we will also work the sides of our abdomen intensely with its execution.
  • Lateral lifting of legs : lying down and on the side we can perform this movement that consists of lifting both legs together. We can facilitate the exercise by misaligning the body and by advancing the legs or flexing them slightly to make their elevation easier.
  • Cyclists or alternate oblique in the floor : is ideal to work intensely the muscles of the sides of the abdomen, both external and internal. 
  • Side with torsion bridge : is a variation of the lateral bridge working and external obliques internal combining an isometric exercise motion.

Transverse abdominal

It is the most forgotten muscle in the abdomen, perhaps because it is barely visible, in the deepest part of our core . However, your work is of great importance and for this, you can practice the following exercises :

  • Bridge or horizontal stabilization : they are the classic isometric exercise that consists of placing in the position of bridge the whole body, aligned from head to toe.
  • Lateral bridge : Like the previous exercise, we must maintain the position for a few seconds in the position of plate or bridge, but this time, on the side to work in addition to the transverse abdominal, the oblique.
  • Hipopresivos : they require a proper technique for their realization but they are truly effective to work the deepest musculature of the middle area of ​​the body.
  • Inverted bridge : consists of a bridge with our body, but face up, for which, the entire middle area must be contracted and between the requested muscles is the transverse abdominal.

Work the entire abdomen at the same time

If your goal is not to focus the effort in a certain area of ​​your abdomen and you try to exercise different muscles at the same time , we propose you to perform one of these exercises:

  • Bridge or horizontal stabilization with knees to the chest : to work transverse, greater rectus abdominis and also obliques, we can perform this variant of the classic isometric.
  • Roll to candlestick: it is an intense exercise very used in Crossfit to work all the middle zone that must be contracted to lie down and to rise to the standing position by the contraction of the muscles of the cor.
  • Hollow rock or roll in hollow : placing the body in a hollowed position as shown, you can perform this exercise that consists of balancing the body without losing the position, for which they contract the rectus abdominus, transverse and obliques simultaneously.
  • Dynamic lateral bridge : with this movement we also request the contraction of external obliques, that of the greater rectus abdominis and also that of the deep musculature of the core.

As you can see, there are no excuses to work the middle of your body, because you have 20 different exercises that you can do without any equipment.


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