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The courses and challenges of Google so that you become a power user of your search engine

Google has a fairly large offer of educational material available throughout the world. We recently spoke about their free courses in digital competitions, and we also discussed about the Google society and Udacity offering scholarships to take free programming courses.

But, the things you can learn with the giant’s help do not stop there. For this they have created Inside Search , a website dedicated especially to train users with different courses and challenges so that they can learn to master all of Google’s search tools .

In Inside Search you will learn from data and tricks to be more effective when it comes to finding facts in Google, you will deepen your understanding of solving advanced problems using the search engine, to learn all kinds of advanced search techniques .

The two main courses are called “Power Searching” and “Advanced Power Searching.” Both are dictated by Daniel Russell, scientist and senior researcher at Google. You can start with the one you think is best suited to your current knowledge and take classes at your own pace.

Before each course you have an evaluation to measure your current knowledge before entering fully into the lessons. Classes are on video that is hosted on YouTube, but you can also access a text version.

Each course is organized in different lessons with your index to the right so you can navigate between each class. In the middle of the course you have an evaluation, and in the end too . To take these courses, you do not need to create an account, nor do you need to log in with your Google account.


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