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Start leveraging Google Analytics with these two free courses

Have you ever thought about doing a course on Google Analytics to familiarize yourself with the tool? Well, from Google they have a solution for you: two totally free courses with which you can start learning more about what Google uses to perform traffic analysis.

It is not that an online course is a novelty, we make compilations of free online university courses that we publish religiously every month. The important thing is who offers these courses, which is currently one of the pillars of the Internet and digital communication.

The first of these courses is Google Analytics for Beginners, where you will see the most basic concepts at the time of starting to introduce ourselves in the tool. The course is comprised of four units that will show us the functioning of Google Analytics, its main functions and how Analytics reports are configured, among other things.

The second course offered by Google is Advanced Google Analytics, aimed at those who are already more than basic users, know how the tool is in a shallow way and know how to take advantage of its functions. What this training aims to deepen in the most specific aspects of the analysis platform, such as advanced data collection techniques.

Are you interested in the courses? You only need a Google account to sign up and fill out a form, nothing more. The good thing is that, if you do not have much time, you can follow the courses at your own pace: there are no calendars, deadlines or anything like that. All you have to do is sign up for the course and follow it when you can.

In addition to all this, the Google Analytics Academy has added ways to track the progress of the student, either through your user profile, or analyzing how you are progressing on a particular topic. If at some point you have to leave the course, you can take it back where you left off, and when you finish the training, you will receive a Google certificate certifying that you followed it.


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