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Now you can edit documents collaboratively in Google Docs and save them directly in WordPress

WordPress has just announced a very interesting novelty to enrich its platform, one that will make those who use the service to manage their blog happy, or who work in publications that depend on the popular CSM, and that mainly use Google Docs to write.

WordPress.com for Google Docs is a new add-on for Docs created by the famous blogging platform that allows us to write, edit and collaborate with other people from the Google online text editor and directly save the document as a post on any blog of WordPress.com or anywhere that runs WordPress and has the Jetpack plugin enabled.

One of the main problems of using a rich text editor such as Docs to write articles for the web, is the format, and how it tends to break or damage the style of the page. This extension solves that problem and creates a nice integration between Docs and WordPress .

Not only do you not have to leave Google Docs to go to paste the text in your WordPress blog, but you stop worrying about the format you gave it, because it inherits perfectly , including your images. The other advantage is that you can edit text collaboratively from Google Docs before publishing an article, something that WordPress does not allow you and that this extension partially overcomes.

Once the plugin is installed you will be ready to write. When you want to save the document as a WordPress draft, you just have to look up the Docs Add-ons menu and open the WordPress.com menu. From there you can connect all the sites you want. The extension is open source, and you can see the code on GitHub.


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