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How to reduce the size of your images by 35% using the latest Google algorithm

A few weeks ago we were talking about Guetzli, the latest image compression algorithm whose source code Google had released and which promised 35% smaller images with the least possible loss of quality. On paper it sounds fantastic but, how could you have this technical marvel in the PC itself?

Until now you could always go to GitHub, download the source code and compile it yourself, but that is not something that is available to everyone. That’s why we can only thank the developer Javier Gutiérrez Chamorro that there is FileOptimizer, with which you can use Guetzli on your PC without problems and without going crazy compiling.

FileOptimizer in this case will help us to work with images, but it works with a huge variety of files. Its optimization works by default as a compression without loss of quality for any of the supported formats.

How to use Guetzli in FileOptimizer

Before continuing, it is worth noting that Guetzli is not activated by default in this program, we have to activate it by hand. For this we have to follow several steps:

  • Open FileOptimizer and close it as soon as it is open. By doing this a file called is created fileoptimizer.ini.
  • Go to the path C: \ Users \ Your_User \ and locate fileoptimizer.ini. When you have done it, double click on it to edit it with the notebook.
  • With the file open and ready to edit, locate the line JPEGAllowLossyand change the parameter falseto true, so that it is as follows:


If you now reopen the program, Guetzli will already be working. And the way to use the program can not be easier: drag the file or files you want to the software window to place them, and then right click on the files to select Optimize all files. Keep in mind that, depending on the size of the files to be processed, the operation may take a while.

Remember that this compression algorithm works with browsers and existing image tools. From Google it is said that it will allow generating images of a size not too large, without compromising the quality of the image.


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