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How to import or export all your passwords stored in Google Chrome

If you use Google Chrome and you do not have any additional program for password management, it is likely that you store all your passwords in the browser, since it makes the process of logging on to all the websites and services you use on a daily basis extremely easy. Chrome is not the only browser that offers this feature and if one day you want to switch to another and take your passwords with you, you can do so.

Chrome’s password manager is not exactly the safest alternative yet, and if you’ve considered starting to use a password manager that handles that sensitive data more tightly, you do not have to suffer much if you want to import Chrome data thanks to A somewhat hidden experimental feature that is included in Google’s browser.

Whether you use Google Chrome on Linux, Mac, Windows or Chrome OS, just activate the function that is currently experimental. To do this write the following in the address bar:chrome://flags/#password-import-export

The option “Import and export passwords” will be highlighted. Click the drop-down menu below and change the status from “Default” to “Enabled” and then restart Google Chrome with the button that will appear. If you do not restart the browser the changes will have no effect.

Now open the Chrome password manager by typing chrome://settings/passwordsdirectly into the address bar. You will notice that under your list of saved passwords now appear two new buttons , one to export and another to import.

To be able to perform either operation you must enter the master password, which is the same password as your operating system. All passwords are stored in plain text and stored in a CSV file that you can open with programs such as Excel. You can use that file to import your passwords to another browser or password manager. And perhaps it is a better and safer alternative, taking into account the null security of this process, since anyone with access to your computer can do it.


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