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Google One: new storage plans, cheaper and for the whole family

Google has decided to completely renew its storage plans. A few hours ago I presented Google One , updating the prices completely and offering many more interesting options.

First of all, Google wanted to clarify that Google Drive continues to exist and has not changed its name, being a free service for those people who do not need more than 15GB of storage.

Google One: new prices and 24/7 support

Google has reduced the price of their storage plans, and with Google One we can enjoy 100GB for $ 1.99 per month (in addition to the free 15GB). Surprise a new plan : for just one more dollar ($ 2.99) we will double this amount, reaching 200GB. The list of plans is as follows:

  • Free: 15GB
  • $ 1.99 per month: 100GB
  • $ 2.99 per month: 200GB
  • $ 9.99 per month: 2TB
  • $ 99.99 per month: 10TB
  • $ 199.99 per month: 20TB
  • $ 299.99 per month: 30TB

One of the positive points of Google One is that we can share the contracted plan with other members of the family, and can add up to five people.

By doing so, each of the users will have their own storage space totally private. In addition, another positive point is that we will have technical support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Unfortunately, this support with “real” people is only available (at least for the moment) in the United States . Google says it expects to offer this service soon in more countries.

Now we have to wait to know the prices for more territories and an official release date. Google ensures that users who already have a Google Drive payment account will be automatically updated to Google One.

This process will be carried out over the next months, and users will receive an email to carry out the entire process. As we said, it will first reach users in the United States and then it will expand globally.


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