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Google AlphaGo goes for the hardest yet, beat the best go player in the world

For those who do not know, go is an ancient Chinese board game, considered one of the most difficult to learn and dominate the world. It is more than 2,500 years old and was considered one of the four essential arts of ancient Chinese culture.

Why is this game relevant? Because a year ago Google DeepMind left the world astonished when its AlphaGo project beat one of the best players in the world in a match to the best of five games. Now, the artificial intelligence of the Great G will be measured with the best go player in the world, reports The Verge.

The number one in the world ranking is a Chinese citizen of 19 years called Ke Jie. This young man is a go professional since he was ten years old, but he has already been defeated several times in important games in recent years. Among these losses are three tournament finals, in the three months prior to the showdown with AlphaGo, which will be in May.

The meeting will take place at the Wuhzen Go Summit, the best of three games. Needless to say, with this scenario in mind, artificial intelligence starts as a favorite. In addition, he has already defeated Ke Jie in several unofficial matches. On this occasion a wide variety of games will be presented according to the medium, which will give an interesting opportunity to see how artificial intelligence manages in different situations.

The achievements of AlphaGo

AlphaGo has been successfully facing the best players in the world since January 2017, although these were unofficial games. It was an updated version of artificial intelligence, and apparently managed to flagrantly defeat its human rivals.

In the same month the number of games won was announced : 60 consecutive victories won over more than 50 of the main players in Asia, which is said soon. His future began in a very bright way.

However, his most surprising achievement came last year when he managed to defeat the Korean Lee Se-dol. We have already talked about this achievement at the beginning of the article, and it is worth noting that at the time Lee Se-dol was the best in the world in this game.

That “was” is important for the purists of the go, who expect that Ke Jie arrives where the others do not and manages to defeat the machine. For now, and as already mentioned, has not been able to overcome AlphaGo. We’ll see what happens next May.


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