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Goodbye to the Google Drive app for the desktop, welcome to streaming your files in the cloud

Google is killing its Drive desktop application for Windows and Mac to replace it with the new Drive File Stream. Unlike the previous one that lets you save all the files you have in the cloud in your computer to access them, this new experience will offer them on demand.

This means that they do not need to occupy almost any space on your hard drive , the synchronization time is drastically reduced and you still have access to everything you have in your Drive cloud directly from the PC.

Drive File Stream lets you access your files in the cloud from your computer, basically if it was streaming. You can also choose only the files you need to be available offline, and in addition to this, the files you use most often will be synchronized in the background automatically and intelligently so you can open them in seconds.

With this release, Google Drive for Mac and PC becomes obsolete and will stop being supported on December 11, 2017 . By March 12, 2018, the current Drive app will cease to exist completely. Starting in October if you use the Drive app you will start receiving notices of this.

Only customers of all editions of G Suite have access to File Stream for now , which will be fully activated as of September 26. The rest of mortals can start by downloading the new Backup and Sync for Mac and PC app that replaces the old Drive app.

Similarly, the next update of Windows 10 will do the same with OneDrive Files On-Demand and this will be available to all users of the system.


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