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Gmail now more secure with its new update

In a context in which privacy has become a priority of not a few technology companies and in a time when data breaches and espionage in the network are the order of the day, the truth is that users we have also become more cautious. Or at least we try.

So, we are aware of what are the most recommended ways to surf the net and try to tell us about the best tools in managing our files, email, and so on. And precisely the latter wanted to talk, because Google just updated Gmail with new services security.

Gmail now more secure with its new updateThe update

In this way and in order to alert customers of potential threats that could jeopardize your data, the email service of the Mountain View has seen a rejuvenated affecting mainly the issue.

In fact, the utility has improved warnings related to Safe Browsing or Safe Run . A function that not only identify potentially dangerous links in the messages, but adds a warning when the user clicks on any of them. The final decision in any case, be in your hand.

Technology giant also indicates that improvements implemented as detection of government attacks refers; alerts that are not a novelty any He used since 2012, especially with white journalists of some state and other like – people but now have their own page, in which the instructions necessary to protect themselves included.

Finally, Google has paid special attention to encryption, is your goal? Ensure that the emails are only sent if the shipping channels are encrypted. A step further after recently emphases entity to show whether the emails were received and sent from and to suppliers that do not support TLS.

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