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Chrome extensions to help you manage your Chrome extensions

One of the things we like most about who we use Google Chrome is the huge amount of extensions available for this browser. It is not difficult to discover a new and great almost every day, but with all those options also creates a problem: you have too many extensions installed.

To put some order in the chaos that is likely to be generated in your browser, it is a good idea to check the plugins page from time to time and be honest with what we actually use and what not. Ironically, to help us manage our Chrome extensions , there are also Chrome extensions, and today we’re going to recommend a few.

Before you install any of these extensions, the first thing you should do is type chrome://extensions/in the address bar of Chrome and start disabling add-ons that you use little, uninstall those you never use and definitely get rid of those who do not even know how they got there.


Extensity is an extension for those who are tired of having too many extensions icons on their Chrome taskbar. Technically the only way to get rid of these is to hide the icon or uninstall the extension.

With Extensify you have another option: to enable and disable extensions quickly and in a click . What it does is create a quick access list that lets you disable all your extensions at once and leave your browser as new, all this without losing sight of the extensions you like so much, in fact you can enable them all again in a second , or launch one specifically.

It’s great for keeping the bar clean, saving memory and browser resources, and avoid having to reroute the Chrome plugins page simply to disable a specific extension. Extensify is open source and you can see your code in GitHub.

Extension Automation

Extension Automation is an add-on for those who want to manage extensions individually and in relation to the websites they visit. It allows you to enable an extension only on certain pages.

For example, it is perfect for those who use ad blockers and want to keep some specific webs on their whitelist. Or better yet, set up Chrome so that extensions like Adblock will only open on certain pages.

Extensions Manager (Switcher)

Extensions Manager, also known as Switcher, is a complement similar to Extensisty, but a bit more advanced. It allows you to manage your extensions whether you want to enable them, disable them, or uninstall them completely.

This is intended for those who have a fairly high amount of extensions, so many a search function becomes necessary. You can even create groups of extensions that you can activate and deactivate per package.

You’ll have your extensions organized in different tabs within the Extensions Manager pop-up window, so you can easily find the ones that are active, the ones that are not, the ones that are apps, the extensions, the most recent ones, and even the themes.


SimpleExtManager is perhaps my favorite list. It also offers a simple menu to enable, disable and access the options of each of your extensions. The difference with the others presented, is the clean interface and more beautiful if you want to say.

This tool also lets you group the extensions according to categories, either by their functions, according to the current state (active or not), or in simple alphabetical order. You can see the different permissions and get an explanation of why each permission is required, you can also access the options of each extension.

SimpleExtManager also allows you to disable all extensions in a single click , or to do it by groups or individually. If you wish you can import and export your configuration data, so if you want to use this extension on another computer or other installation of Chrome, you can do it easily.


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