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Why Merino Wool is a Great Choice for an Outdoor Lifestyle

Getting out and about is a great way to get healthier and if this is one of your new years resolutions, getting outdoors has all sorts of benefits for your health. In January, it can be a little uninviting and off putting when the weather is cold, but as long as you have the right choice of clothing and footwear, it is really great to enjoy the frosty countryside landscapes.

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Wool is a perfect material for this time of the year. Clothing like this women’s merino wool sweater shamrockgift.com/aran-sweaters/womens-aran-sweaters/womens-merino-wool-irish-sweater not only looks great but is also is practical if you want to spend time outdoors during the cooler months of the year.

Merino wool is from a certain breed of sheep – the merino sheep. It is softer and not as thick as many other types of wool which is why it is a popular material for jumpers, as it feels nice against the skin. As well as the feel of it, there are other reasons why merino wool is good for spending time outdoors in winter…

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It’s a natural material so if you are sensitive to man made fibres or are keen to be more conscious of your environmental impact, it is a good choice.

As well as the fact that the wool helps to trap the heat in, it also is good at letting the heat out. If it gets warmer, the fibres in the wool then start to allow the heat out, keeping your body temperature regulated.


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