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What is yarn bombing?

Yarn bombing, also known as guerrilla knitting, is the process of covering objects in brightly-coloured yarn to make a statement. Some of the objects covered may be small and this is used to make them more noticeable, whereas other objects may be much larger and seen as a piece of art, in the same way that graffiti may be used. The overall aim of yarn bombing is to make something stand out and look different to the way it normally appears.

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The origins of yarn bombing.

Yarn bombing has become increasingly popular in recent years, but it started back in 2005 in the USA. A lady called Magda Sayeg, covered her cold door handle in some pretty, warm yarn, but she had no idea that other people would be so interested in it and want to get involved with creating similar things.

On the back of all that positive interest, Magda decided to create her own knitting group, where people could meet and practise their yarn bombing out in the community. The idea was to change the way that ordinary objects appeared, to make them cosy and more beautiful.

Alongside members of her new knitting group, Magda continued to decorate objects in her neighbourhood, gradually going for larger projects until they wrapped an entire bus! Magda had become well-known for her style of art, with the craze spreading across the globe and more people joining in within their own communities.

Yarn bombing popularity.

As yarn bombing became more popular, people started to realise that there was more to knitting than just the traditional scarf or jumper. Individuals have used yarn bombing to brighten the areas they live in, or as ITV reported in Yorkshire to celebrate events occurring where they live.

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In recent years, people have found novel ways of incorporating similar artwork in their homes. Boring, bare walls have been dressed with beautiful wall hangings and macrame plant hangers used to decorate rooms with greenery. People have also enjoyed trying their hand at creating these things themselves, with a macrame kit, such as those offered by www.woolcouturecompany.com/collections/macrame-kits.

Getting started with yarn bombing.

The first step is to find something to decorate and to think about how to make it look more beautiful with yarn. Any colour can be chosen, but most artists tend to prefer bright colours to make the art eye-catching and fun.


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