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Three Denim Jeans Styles and Who Should Wear Them

Jeans are versatile, and they lend themselves to both formal and smart casual looks, so whether you are dressing up to go out or just looking for a casual pair, there is something for you.

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Trends change over time, while some looks return for a second run, enabling you to don the vintage pair from the wardrobe. When looking for a new pair, ETO denim jeans encompass a full range of styles to suit you.

Slim-Fit Jeans Are Back

Slim-fit jeans are not just for women. In fact, in recent years they have seen a revival within menswear. The slimmer the denim piece is, the taller it will make you look, and the longer your legs are, the longer they’ll appear. A good pair of slim-fit jeans can be teamed with a shirt or sweatshirt for a smart casual outfit, thanks to the refined silhouette that is produced. A shorter man can match slim-fit jeans with a sweater that falls around the waistband so that the legs do not appear too short. ETO denim jeans include a great range of slim-fit in a number of shades.

According to https://www.thestar.com.my/lifestyle/style/2021/08/12/how-jeans-are-finding-a-new-039green039-purpose-outside-of-the-fashion-industry, to avoid incinerating two million pairs of jeans each year, a solution involving their transformation into thermal and acoustic insulation has proved innovative, thanks to Le Relais, which collects clothing donations. This initiative in France is a positive green project.

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The Straight-Leg Jean Is the Classic Look

For a classic pair of jeans, the straight-leg fits the bill. It’s the ideal middle-of-the-road look for those not keen on either highlighting or hiding their legs. They can be flattering for a range of shapes, and if you have difficulty selecting jeans, this may be the best choice. Regardless of your favourite style, choosing a pair from the ETO denim jeans range and teaming it with boots and a shirt will get you noticed.

Reclaim the Past with a Bootcut

Good denim is a must-have for your wardrobe, and you can reclaim the past with a cool pair of bootcut jeans. Designed for everyday wear, these jeans are adaptable to your own style, and you can enjoy a relaxed fit which teams comfort with fashion.


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