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Reviving the 90s this Winter – The Hottest Men’s Fashions

They say in the world of fashion, trends tend to come back around every 20 years or so – and so now it is the turn of the 90s to have its revival! Many designers and brands such as Farah menswear at EJ menswear are inspired by the 90s. With so much packed into this era of diversity, pop culture and huge world changes there is a lot of inspiration for designers to draw on.

Here are a few wearable looks from the catwalks that have taken their style straight from the 90s and could be heading for your wardrobe this winter!

Grunge – The 90’s grunge scene was huge, and it’s distinct look is getting popular with fashionistas everywhere. For this style, you want your denim distressed and your shirts checked worn with a dose of attitude! Perfect for a casual look in the winter months, and team with a pair of chunky lace up boots.

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Headwear – Bucket hats, snapbacks and bandanas are all the most on-trend headwear of the moment – the 90s rave and festival scene as well as the rap scene from this era inspired the surge in popularity of these favourites in the world of headwear – so if you are hat-hunting make it one of these this season!

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Hair – Spikes, bleached or frosted tips and a middle parting are all men’s hairstyles that were big news in the 90s that are starting to see a resurgence – artists such as Justin Bieber have hopped onto the trend and grown longer locks with a centre parting.


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