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How to Wear an Aran Sweater

An Aran jumper is a ‘must-have’ classic for any stylish man.

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Originally from the island of Aran in Ireland, these recognisable sweaters came in an off-white/cream colour with a cable pattern on the trunk. Today the designs have been inspired by the original but have been made with modern lifestyles in mind.

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Size and Fit

The size and fit of the sweater are ultimately down to personal preference. While fisherman used to wear them tight to the body to keep the warmth in, for casual wear the more popular way to wear them is slightly baggy, reaching to at least the waist, with sleeves that come down to the hand.

Quality Aran sweaters are a wise investment. This classic timeless knit can make a man look smart and modern when it is paired with chinos and smart boots. Alternatively, dark-coloured trousers offer contrast, and in the winter months the knits can be worn with a smart over coat. In the summer, pulling an Aran sweater on over the top of a tee shirt can be ideal when sitting outside in the evenings.

Some men like to wear a tee- shirt or shirt under their Aran sweater, as the wool on the skin can feel a little irritating. The base layer should fit tightly and be made of 100% cotton in order to keep the sweater looking good and hanging properly. As well as making you feel more comfortable, wearing a tee-shirt underneath your jumper will keep your sweater fresher for longer.


An Aran jumper is very versatile and can be worn in the same way as a jacket by simply pulling it on over the top of your clothing. Because they are so warm, often a coat isn’t needed, which is handy if you are just going to the shops or meeting friends in the pub and don’t want to have to carry a coat around.

Although most people prefer the classic Aran design, shoppers can get alternative styles and have a choice of colours and patterns when looking to buy an Aran sweater. You can click here for Aran Sweaters options.

A pair of fashionable walking boots can be the perfect footwear for a chunky knit Aran sweater, but don’t be put off pairing yours with modern trainers and rolled-up jeans. An Aran jumper is all about feeling relaxed, looking good and being you.


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