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How to make a craft kit

It’s official, the UK is a nation of crafters! Today, there is huge demand for craft kits that allow people to get creative and make something they can use or display in their home.

In 2019, a report commissioned by the Crafts Council found that 73% of adults  in the UK had purchased craft. So, if you have a passion for crafting, creating your own craft kits could be an excellent way to connect with a wider audience and support others on their creative journeys.

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Alternatively, this information can help anyone to create a thoughtful craft kit gift for a loved one. So, let’s dive into everything you need to know to get started.

1. Select a craft

Although some crafts do go hand-in-hand, such as crochet and knitting, it is best to choose one craft to focus on for your kit. Your chosen craft should be one that you are familiar with and have lots of tips and tricks to pass on to fellow crafters.

2. Source materials

Next, it is essential to include all the tools and materials that the crafter will need to create their project. A beginner wall hanging macrame kit, for example, such as the ones that can be seen here:www.woolcouturecompany.com/collections/macrame-kits, will include plenty of macrame rope, the pattern, and an ‘S’ hook, whereas more intricate designs may also include a selection of different tools to ensure the creative process is as straightforward as possible for the crafter.

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3. Create a guide

From here, you can focus on creating a step-by-step guide that will take the crafter through every process to complete their finished craft. This doesn’t need to be a written guide, as you could also film a video and share a link or download it onto a USB stick to include in the box itself.

4. Source your packaging

It is important that your materials, guides and anything else you want to include in your craft kit fit comfortably inside your chosen packaging. Many crafters appreciate the use of recyclable materials, but make sure they are sturdy enough to keep everything together.


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