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A Brief History Of The Levi Brand

The brand name Levi is synonymous with denim and has a history dating back to 1903. The levi t-shirts for men range offers everything from jeans to jackets, making them perfect for the office and ideal for everyday wear. When it comes to fashion they are now well ahead of the rest in terms of casual attire. This is down to their extensive selection and extensive range. These days it is not unusual to see people wearing a range of different kinds of clothes from their own favourite brands. Try EJ Menswear for a full range of options.

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For many people the brand represents a certain sense of pride and identity, particularly when it comes to promoting particular causes or even supporting a particular football team. Many of these t-shirts have an American flag on the front, showing the support for the troops and the army. DuringĀ  World War Two the t-shirts were produced in an effort to create a camouflage outfit for the soldiers.

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The brand also makes an extensive range of quality clothing that is worn by both men and women. The range includes apparel for men’s summer wear, winter wear, hoodies, hats, shoes and even a great number of special occasion wear. It is important to consider that all these items are made using the highest quality materials, including the denim and the spandex to make sure the wearer is kept comfortable. It is worth mentioning that this brand makes an extensive range of ethnic wear such as the oriental and the tribal designs.


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