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How to Move and Elderly Person into your Home Successfully

During this current global health crisis, one thing has become another pandemic in itself – loneliness amongst elderly people. Whereas before many elderly people could have family to visit or get out and about and meet friends, lockdown and health concerns have stopped this. One way that many families are helping elderly relatives is by moving them into their households so that they are not on their own. Before you do this, here are some ways you can help make your household better for an elderly person…

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Make sure that they can easily access their bedroom and other rooms that they may need to get to. If they have trouble with stairs, you may want to consider a stairlift in your home from somewhere like this stairlifts Bristol company Pearce Bros Mobility.  It is also a good idea to add handrails if they are unsteady on their feet along hallways as well as in the bathroom.


Make sure that you have adequate space. Although they may love being part of the family home, it is important that they also have a place where they can go to rest and relax if it all gets a bit much, so make sure that they have a peaceful bedroom where they can spend time alone resting when they need to.

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Make sure that they feel at home as this is a big change for someone, especially an older person. Have their favourite foods available and bring some things from their home so that they have familiar home comforts.


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