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What are Divorce and Financial Consent Orders?

When getting a divorce, most people think that obtaining a Decree Absolute which dissolves the marriage is all that is required. So, is a financial consent order necessary or even important?

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Solicitors will likely tell you that, yes, it is both necessary and important. There are several factors as to why achieving financial separation is important and why it should be detailed in an agreement called a consent order.

A consent order fully details the financial agreement made between the parties on the ending of their marriage. Once agreed upon, drawn up and dealt with by the court in divorce proceedings, it becomes a legally binding document.

If an agreement can’t be reached, solicitors can advise and help in the process. Mediation is another route that divorcing couples can try. For help from a Family Law Gloucester solicitor, visit a site like Dee and Griffin, a Family Law Gloucester firm.

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The reason it is so important is to stop either party from making future financial claims against the other. Even those who part amicably would be wise to have a consent order as it provides a level of certainty to proceedings and acts as an effective closure.

It is always better to come to a financial agreement between yourselves than have a court do it on your behalf. Not only does this avoid costly and drawn out court proceedings but also prevents a decision that one or both parties aren’t comfortable with.


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