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Paul McCartney’s “Motor of Love” Song

With lyrics that contain the words, “Turn on your Motor of Love” and “Heavenly father look down from above, I can’t get over your powerful motor of Love” Paul McCartney’s well-known song “Motor of love” appears on his “Flowers in the Dirt” Album.  Officially released in 1989 for distribution on his Lexus Hospitality Tour, the song was composed by McCartney when he was forty-six years old.  Paul might have invested in a Generator Rental contract supplied by a company such as https://www.newburnpowerrental.com/ to provide the power for this recording because he had plenty of success with this unusual limited circulation, motor based album.

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Coinciding with Paul’s first World Tour since his 1975-76 “Wings Over the World” tour the “Flowers in the Dirt” Album was acclaimed as a brilliant return to his best form.  Reaching number one in the U.K. Charts and in Norway the elite Album produced several hit singles including; “My Brave Face”, “This One”, “Figure of Eight” and “Put it There”.  Paul’s wife, Linda McCartney and acclaimed British Artist Brian Clarke collaborated on the intricate and elaborate artwork for the Album.


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Produced at the Hog Hill Mill Studio in East Sussex the song featured on side two of the “Flowers in the Dirt” album and was the very last song to be heard by the fans that managed to get a copy of this elusive, much sought-after compilation, “Motor of Love” proved to be a great way to finish a very successful recording.


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