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“I Drove All Night” by Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly.

The classic smash hit pop rock song “I Dove All Night” written by Tom Kelly and Billy Steinberg has been recorded by several famous artists including; Cyndi Lauper and Celine Dion.  Reaching number one in the American and British Charts for Cyndi in 1989 and number one in the Canadian and Quebec Charts for Celine in 2003.  The lyrics were originally written for Roy Orbison to sing and he did record it in 1987 but when he died a year later his version of the song was not released until 1992.

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The lyrics include the words; “I was dreaming while I drove, the long straight road ahead” and “I think about you when the night is dark and cold”, “Is that all right, I drove all night?”  Driving a long way at night in the dark like the driver in the song you would want your Tarmac Bristol road to have been laid by a company such as https://www.thornburysurfacing.co.uk/ .

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Cyndi Lauper included the song on her third Solo Album entitled “A Night to Remember” and is quoted as saying she really wanted to record the song because she loved the idea of a Woman driving and being in control.  Receiving a Best Female Rock Vocal performance nomination at the Grammy Awards and highlighting in the music video directed by Scott Kalvert for the song, Cyndi certainly enjoyed her success with it.


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