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How to support your children with their homework

There is nothing worse than your child asking you for help with their homework and you struggling to understand what it is that they are being asked to do. In many cases you can look on Primary School Websites like the ones that are created by www.fsedesign.co.uk/websites-for-schools/primary-school-websites perhaps for your local school, to find out ways in which you can support them. Here are some ideas to get you started.

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School – ask your child’s school whether they have any information that could help you support your child with any homework that they have been set. In some cases you might find that computer software such as Mathletics or Times Table Rockstars are used to help your child with their maths. These will often have videos that you can watch with your child to understand the subject in more detail.

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BBC – the bbc has a number of different pages that will help you when it comes to looking at both primary and secondary school homework. These often contain videos and help guides that you can take your time reading through or watching.

Websites – other websites that can help you are platforms such as Twinkl that will give you worksheets that you can go through with your child, or even go through yourself so you can understand the topics that they are learning and therefore find ways in which you can help support them with any homework that has been set.


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